Transcriber transcribes any input in X-SAMPA into the International Phonetics Alphabet (IPA). The results can then be copied to the clipboard or shared.

It is available as a free download on Routinehub.

Main Features

  • Easy and intuitive
  • Fast transcription
  • Allows to copy or export results
  • Checks for updates regularly


An example of a trascription would be the following English sentence: 

“I’m a father and a human”

X-SAMPA Input:

[“aIm @ “fA:D@(r\) “{nd @ “CjUm@n] 

→ IPA Output: 

[ˈaɪm ə ˈfɑːðə(ɹ) ˈænd ə ˈçjʊmən]

How it works

You type the text in X-SAMPA (of any length) and it transcribes it. It then allows you to copy the results to the clipboard, open the share sheet and share the results or create a Bear note*.

When importing to a Bear note, you will be asked whether to use square brackets or slashes, to make your life even easier. This note will be date stamped.

*The Bear app is not required for the Shortcut to run properly.

Why and when this is useful

It’s very useful if you need to use IPA symbols and you don’t have a special keyboard, since you can type in X-SAMPA with any normal keyboard.

With this Shortcut, you won’t need to copy paste the symbols from online dictionaries or Wikipedia.

Add Transcriber to your Home Screen

If Transcriber is part of your workflow, adding it to your Home Screen will save you the extra steps of opening the Shortcuts app and looking for it.

Download the official icon from this page or from Settings in Transcriber and add it to your Home Screen now!

Stay up to date

Transcriber is powered by AirUpdater.

AirUpdater will check regularly for updates and it will alert you if there is a newer version available for download.

Currently supported features

  • Vowels
  • Consonants
  • Glottal Stop
  • Aspiration
  • Palatalisation
  • Velarisation
  • Pharyngealisation
  • Lateralisation
  • Nasalisation
  • Rhotacisation
  • Retroflexion
  • Implosives
  • Dental Diacritic
  • Centralisation
  • Voiceless Diacritic
  • Stress Markers
  • Length Markers
  • Linking Mark
  • Mid-Tone Vowels
  • No-Audible Release
  • Upstep & Downstep
  • Global Fall & Global Rise
  • Non-Syllabic Vowels
  • Syllabic Consonants
  • Ejectiveness
  • Clicks

Known Issues

As of version 3.6:

  • No know issues.